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Some clarity in the Blogosphere.

November 17, 2010

Sifting through the PR that the World’s Fair Art Show has received over the last couple of weeks I came across this bit posted on’s blog:

“Concetta Barbera and Patch’s curated World’s Fair Art Show might lack the worldliness for the comparison to the 1933 World’s Fair in Chicago, which they were shooting for in the press release, especially since this show is heavy on local illustrators.”

Now I don’t make it habit to respond to every misprint or misquote, especially on the internet. But I felt obliged to stand up for my international brothers and sisters that submitted all their work a week early and braved the Post Office in order to guarantee delivery on time. I have posted a correction on their blog (sorry for the late response) and I thought I might post the links to our friends from overseas so you can take a gander.
Ephmeron, David Galletly, Alex Horne and Gregor Louden.

Thanks again to everyone that participated, I think you are all rather “worldly”.
More kewl stuff to be posted soon!

Above: The image selected by the Philadelphia City Paper to promote the exhibition. You can read more here.

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