PCS Christmas Party!!

The World’s Fair is hosting the Philly Cartoonist Society Christmas party potluck!

Where: Shadow Space Gallery
1248 N. Front Street
When: December 11, 2010
Time: Starting at 5PM and going till late
Bring a dish!

Come and have PCS fun at World’s Fair! All are welcome!

Big thanks to Jeffro for putting the invite together!

Stamped and Ready

Oh golly, we have been working on this
show since early 2010 (concept phase counts!)
and it is finally here. One week until opening.
I’m excited, nervous and everything in between.
I cannot wait to see what people have made and
celebrate everyone’s hard work!

To the left is the back of one of my pieces.
You may have seen this stamp around town…

World’s Fairs Past

I find a lot of inspiration looking at old World’s Fair posters. The World’s Fair followed 3 major themes throughout history: Culture and Industry, The World of Tomorrow and National Branding. Of the three, the first two are the most interesting to me. Here are a couple posters I found online of World’s Fairs past, they are pretty easy to find online and great for reference.

A Piece of a Piece…

(just a peek at something I’ve been working on)

Recently, we asked the participating artists to make their own interpretation of the World’s Fair title, both to be hung in the show and represented as a banner on this site. James Heimer was the first to give us his. Watch this space for the new banner coming very soon!

In other news, designs for the flyer are just about finished and being sent off to the print shop this coming week. They will be available on (First) Friday, September 3rd at Shadow’s Space Gallery. Check out the new show and the awesome space.

It’s all happening!


Welcome to the World’s Fair Blog! This is where we share our thoughts, inspiration and sketches. Post whatever you like, but hold the final work until near the end. If you have any ideas for collaborations by all means tell us. This is going to be great fun and a great exhibition to boot!