Nine New Views

I recently moved to a different town for the first time in my life. From Stirling to Glasgow. While it’s not the most exotic or adventurous journey ever made by a man, to me it’s something. I literally could walk 2 minutes in the wrong direction and be hopelessly lost. Cycling has become a dangerous escapade and everyone, even that old lady with the fat ankles, is trying to steal my computer.

Our new flat felt homely and familiar very quickly, possibly because of the mountain of stuff I dragged along with me. The view from the windows, however, is taking a little longer to get used to. Don’t get me wrong, I like the view, love it even, but it’s just so weird. It’s weird to have variety. Weird that I can lose hours looking out them. Each room lets me see so many new things. Maybe I’ll look down our quiet little street, out over Glasgow or into the kitchens of maybe 20 other people. Out the back is a small network of little gardens, enclosed by other tenements. One woman puts seeds out for the pigeons every day. There’s always swarms of them on her windowsill but they don’t seem to shit anywhere. Maybe she cleans it? She’s crazy.

Because we’re on a slight hill, we’re at roof-level. I can see chimneys, aerials and satellite dishes in all directions. Who knew there was so much crap up here? I decided to quickly film some of it for the blog. Nine new sights I can see from my new home in a new city. That’s topic-appropriate, isn’t it? Anyway, I had better get to work on the show – moving house can kinda distract you. So can looking out windows.


Song is ‘Looks Like A Sunrise’ by Billy Pilgrim on Fence.