Oh my God!

I’ve been travelling around Australia with my husband for a month, but it seems I can never fully relax… Always plenty of things to see, stuff to draw, photographs to take. Holidays are always a bit of creative work!


A recent silkscreen print for artists’ series box “The Misprints” by hAI in Breda, the Netherlands… I like to layer my artwork, so there’s more to see every time you like at the image 🙂 And I love to watch koi fish!

Teddy Bear

Don’t you just love those bright and hot summer days? Even when it’s too warm and you can’t sleep, you’re happy that it’s that time of year again. If only it lasted a few months longer in Belgium…

House on a Hill

There’s times where there’s so many other things to take care of and organize that I barely get to draw. Those are the times that I feel useless and cranky, and have to rush jobs so I’m disappointed with my own results. I hope this week will bring me some inspiration…