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Elektro at the 1939 World’s Fair!

November 4, 2010

Will Elektro be at the World’s Fair Art Show Tomorrow? The robot has mad skills…like destroying humanity and smoking!


Bottles, Bottles, Everywhere – And Not A Drop To Drink!

November 4, 2010

Here are my submissions for the World’s Fair Art Show. I took old whisky bottles, boiled them, peeled the labels, and made my own old-tymie labels. I did my best to make them somewhat reminiscent of old tymes, but still have my own personal touch. Each bottle is named after or in some way connected to someone or something in my life. Some are inspired my things domestic (like Newton’s Snake Oil named after my Joannie). And some are inspired by wanderlust (like the Hobo Fuel). And then some are inspired by people and places I’ve known internationally (like Victor Vovc, a brilliant Moldovan doctor who I used to work with). All labels were drawn and colored by hand on sticker paper. The photos don’t really do them justice. There is attention to detail that can only be observed properly if you’re close enough to fog them with your breath. So come on out tomorrow to the Fair!

Cork Peeps

October 30, 2010

One a late Summer afternoon, Patch and I were talking about the ‘World’s Fair’ show and several other inspirational topics. During our discussion, he had a great idea… to paint little characters on champagne corks! From that moment, the cork peeps were ‘born’ (thank you Patch)! I’ll be displaying several of these tiny creations in the ‘World’s Fair’ show. Looking forward to it!

Stamped and Ready

October 29, 2010

Oh golly, we have been working on this
show since early 2010 (concept phase counts!)
and it is finally here. One week until opening.
I’m excited, nervous and everything in between.
I cannot wait to see what people have made and
celebrate everyone’s hard work!

To the left is the back of one of my pieces.
You may have seen this stamp around town…

World’s Fair Promotion in Full Swing.

October 22, 2010

Above is a picture of my dinner table chock full of World’s Fair press stuff. Concetta and I have been on the PR war path for the last two weeks. We have dropped press packets (printed folios, postcards, press releases, artist bios, etc…) in the snail mail to assorted press contacts; local, national and international. Last night we completed round one of the e-mail blasts to blogs, press and assorted art contacts. We are currently in the process of distributing more than 100 posters advertising the exhibition. On the gallery’s part, they printed the awesome postcard as well as hooked us up with R5 Productions. So don’t be surprised to see our postcards and posters alongside your favorite bands and whatnot.
We are in the process of putting together both the sketchbook and limited edition silkscreen featuring some of the killer banners that have been designed for the blog.
Speaking of killer banners check out Melissa Lomax’s new one at the top of the page. Just in time for Halloween!
Below: More than 200 Potato Stamp World’s Fair cards by yours truly. I have included these in PR and leaving them around the city.
(click on pics to make images larger)

RATMILK final mock up

October 18, 2010

I decided on doing the RATMILK print as a 2 color on chip board. Here’s my 2 final color mock ups. Still trying to decide on one for the final print. Any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks

Nite Brite

October 16, 2010

‘Nite Brite’

Happy Halloween My Creepy Crew! Just wanted to share my most recent Halloween piece with all of you. ‘Nite Brite’ was created for ‘Hallowed Halloween’ a show currently hanging at Proximity Gallery in Philadelphia. A big thanks to Sam Heimer, who coordinated the entire event! The opening was a blast, truly a  grand way to celebrate the season.